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Employment Law changes from 6th April 2020

From 6th April 2020, changes in Employment Law have taken place. The main changes fall into three categories:

  1. Employees will have a right to a written statement of terms and conditions of employment from day 1 of their employment (instead of a written statement provided to them within two months of their start date as was previously the case);

  2. Workers will a

lso be entitled to a similar right; and

  1. Employers will now have to provide a variety of additional information in the written statement of terms and conditions of employment.

Employers will be required to issue written statements conforming to the new requirements only in relation to employees and workers who start work with them on or after 6 April 2020. However, pre-existing employees who

Employment Law

joined before that date will still be able to request a statement and the employer must provide one that complies with the new requirements, within one month.

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