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A virtual in-house counsel will provide the same services related to business, commercial, trademark, employment, and other contractual legal matters that any other in-house lawyer would provide.

What is a virtual in-house counsel?

Many businesses just don’t need a full-time in-house lawyer but know that they would benefit from the experience of a legal advisor who will spend time getting to know them and will be ready to provide a service designed to suit their company’s specific needs – whatever their size.

You will be able to focus on running your business without having to think of any legal issues or without having to coordinate with different people, firms and countries.

How will a virtual in-house counsel benefit your company?

  • On demand: you can quickly call or email us with a legal question before it escalates into something that cannot be easily resolved;

  • Customisable: whether you need a few hours a month or more - between 2h and 16h a month- , we can customise a package to suit your needs. Plus, a percentage of the hours you do not use within a month is transferable to a subsequent month, without any additional fees;

  • Significant cost savings: not only the overall price will be less than the standard hourly price, but you will also be able to predict and manage the cost arrangement.

What do you ask to your virtual in-house counsel?

  • Answering to your legal queries;

  • Drafting, negotiating and updating your contracts;

  • Advising you of any changes in the law.

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