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BLS Fees

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The legal services industry has come under increasing criticism in recent years for its lack of transparency when it comes to solicitor fees. So much so that the Competition and Markets Authority has recommended that a more competitive process would lead to lower prices, higher quality and greater innovation. The root cause of this problem is that many traditional firms have done little to challenge the status quo and still predominantly operate in billable hours.

One of the core values of Berard & Lovell Solicitors is to disrupt this traditional model by offering clients a range of fee options that might be tailored to each clients’ needs. Here are some of the options that we would be happy to discuss with you:

  • Standard hourly price - We understand that some clients only want to incur legal fees as and when they have to. This option is chargeable at our standard hourly charge-out rate. We can discuss this with you in person but lower overheads mean that this rate is highly competitive in comparison to equivalent levels of expertise and experience available in the marketplace.


  • Virtual Legal Counsel: Many businesses just don’t need a full-time in-house lawyer but know that they would benefit from their own external resource with an intimate knowledge and genuine interest in their business. The package is designed to offer clients a ‘Virtual Legal Counsel’ who they can turn to as and when they need it. This package provides you with a dedicated legal resource at a discounted rate. You can use this time in any way you wish and, if you don’t use that time in any month, you can roll a percentage of it forward into the subsequent month.

  • Fixed fees and fee estimates - We would be very happy to work with you to establish a bespoke fee structure that fits your legal needs and budget. We provide an estimate of the likely work where possible and we may be able to offer a fixed fee arrangement if we receive a clear and thorough brief and project specification.


We never want our fees to be a barrier from helping you and we look forward to working with you to find a fee structure that provides you with flexibility and value without compromising on quality.

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