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About Us :

We help SMEs manage their legal risks, be compliant with their legal obligations and reduce the risk of litigation with their partners, customers, employees, or any other third party.


Unlike other corporate firms, what we do differently is that we deal with our clients’ legal issues in a commercial and practical way rather than providing theoretical legal advice completely cut from the reality of the day-to-day business of clients. We do not talk to you like a lawyer, we talk to you like a business owner. We always assess and share with our clients the level of legal risk linked to doing business, so they can make an informed decision. Our clients get benefits from our tailored advice enabling them to understand the possible outcomes and consequences without being hit over the head with legal jargon.


We focus mainly on SMEs and often work with companies which are part of an international group. We help these clients overcome their legal challenges and adapt their processes to the English market by complying with English Law. We work with several businesses in the retail sector helping them in being compliant with English Law when expanding in GB, including clients like major high end food retailers who we help to install their premises and organise their distribution network in the UK.


We also assist our company clients sell or purchase a business in the UK. We strongly recommend that they instruct us at an early stage so that we can draft the Heads of Terms of the transaction, that will reflect smoothly in the Share Purchase Agreement. By doing so, we help these clients avoid the risk of losing the other party’s trust and a possible breakdown in the negotiations.


About the founder, Hélène Bérard

I set up Berard & Lovell Solicitors (BLS) in April 2014, after working as an ‘avocat’ at the Paris Bar for 8 years and as a solicitor in England & Wales in the City of London for 4 years. These roles gave me hands-on experience in advising on company structure and drafting all types of commercial contracts, having expertise and experience of Commercial Law in both jurisdictions. I set up BLS to meet the need for expert advice given by pragmatic and approachable lawyers at affordable rates. With a trusted network of lawyers we work with, BLS can scale up to assist our clients with their legal needs. We are all senior solicitors with the experience and qualifications you would expect from experts in our fields of expertise.


The reason I started my own firm was to have more freedom in the way I wanted to treat my clients and protect their interests and needs. I wanted to get results for my clients by giving them the legal advice of a senior solicitor in a clear and thorough manner, taking the time to explain their case to them on a human level, using clear and concise terms. We believe that our company clients deserve a legal expert who understands what they need and approach their legal situation as if it were their own. We value our proximity with our clients and are committed to maintaining it every step of the way.


Our clients say about us:


“Thanks to Helene Berard, I now feel more confident with the document that we have built together. She taught me a lot and we had an interaction allowing the legal document to reflect and respect my values”.


“I found Bérard & Lovell to be excellent legal advisers. It was the first time I have used a solicitor in any professional capacity, and Hélène was very clear and thorough in her approach”.


“Hélène has a talent for presenting complex cases with crystal clear clarity”.


Get in touch

If you’re a company and you want to manage your legal risks, be compliant with your legal obligations and reduce the risk of litigation with your partners, customers, and/or employees, contact us for an initial free consultation of 15 minutes. Call us on 0203 376 6238 or email to book your call to discuss your legal needs.


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