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At Berard & Lovell Solicitors, we understand that every business is different. Whether your business is an international enterprise, a local business or a new company just setting up, our business lawyers will assist you by providing the best possible legal advice through every step as you build your business at a cost effective price, including:

  •  Advising on the best legal structure for your business and setting up your company


  • Drafting terms & conditions to protect your business


  • Protecting your business’ assets (for instance trademarking your business logo)


  • Drafting directors’ loans if you want to lend your business money


  • Drafting the rental agreement for your business commercial premises


  • Drafting employment contracts when your business grows and is willing to employ staff


  • Drafting commercial agreements with other businesses performing a service for your company (such as distribution agreement; agency agreement; franchising agreement; subcontracting agreement; outsourcing agreement …)


  • Drafting company purchase agreement if your business decides to acquire a new business


  • In the case of such merger with another business, drafting the shareholders’ agreement recording new shareholders arrangements within the company


  • Advising you with employees’ queries (for instance maternity rights; discrimination in the workplace…)


  • Drafting the company sale agreement if you want to retire and sell your business

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