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Employers, watch out!

From 6 April 2020 there is a new statutory requirement for employers.

Statements of employment (usually the employment contract containing certain prescribed information) will have to be given from day one to all employees and a similar statement to be given to workers. The template contract for workers will be different as there are a number of provisions that apply to employees that should not be included (to do so could strengthen a worker’s claim that he/she is in reality an employee).

From 6 April, new employment statements for employees must in addition to the information already required, al cover the following:

  • Hours of work- not just normal working hours, but specify days of the week, and if they vary, details of how they vary;

  • Details of all benefits – contractual and those that are non-contractual, being careful to identify them clearly as such;

  • Details of any probationary period, its length and any other conditions relating to it;

  • Training particulars- identifying any mandatory training that the employee has to pay for and/or any training entitlement which must be completed (note, there is also a requirement to specify any other training entitlement which can be provided in a separate document within 2 months of starting); and

  • State where particulars of any paid leave (not already included in the statement) can be found (eg any statutory family type leave, jury service or compassionate leave).

Employment Law

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